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Virtual Assistant Center Philippines is an office-based virtual assistant team supporting business owners by taking some of the time-consuming workloads off of their plates and formed to inspire highly-skilled young professionals in establishing their careers in the digital landscape.

Virtual Assistant Center Phils. values your worth.


Our Virtual Assistants are trained primarily to value your time. We can save you time to have a better work-life balance and to focus on more important roles you have in your firm.


Virtual Assistant Center will help you reduce your cost in hiring and training team. In VAC, we look at your business as our own. Less cost is always better.


You are an expert of your own line of profession and shouldn't be wasting so much effort in fulfilling needy-greedy tasks and performing other routine tasks.


We will help you scale up your business operations by dedicating our time and efforts to pinpoint inefficiencies. Ultimately, to streamline processes for smoother day-to-day operations.

Beyond Typical Virtual Assistance Firm


Our core team is consist of professionals and business owners who have experienced to rise from the ranks to leading teams, managing processes, spearheading operations, digital marketing, training and, now managing partnerships.


We hire based on your requirements. After each detailed discussion with our business developers, we put our heads together to profile the suitable virtual assistant based on the requirements.


We will discuss with you in detail to assess training programs that might be required. Your dedicated virtual assistant will only start the clock for you once we are confident that the assigned tasks will be done right.


You will be with a dedicated virtual assistant but the entire team is going to be with your VA every step of the way. Your virtual team can always brainstorm with the rest of our subject matter experts.


We highly believe that a comfortable and inviting office increases productivity and efficiency. We want to ensure that the entire team is always at their best during your paid hours with us.


We do not simply sell products and services. We are here to help you scale up your own business. You will have open communication directly to the leaders to make sure that nothing is falling through the cracks.


As much as we want to keep you for life, we hate to tie you up on strict contracts. You can easily speak up straight to our core team to discuss options of possible replacement or whichever works best for you.


We highly believe in each and everyone’s skills. We encourage every member to learn everything that we can share and motivate them to be future leaders.

Virtual Assistant Center Phils.' Extensive Business Solutions

Our virtual assistance managed services may include but not limited to the following:

Dedicated Executive Assistance

A full-time all-around virtual assistant can get your business requirements sorted out.

Digital Marketing

A cross-channel experienced digital marketing team to help you capture the eyes of your target audiences.

Web Design and Development

A responsible team that strives to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation.

Website Project Management

Pass on the time-consuming basic inventory updates and website management to our technical web team.

Brand Marketing Assistant

A well-rounded marketing team can make business brands visible in any digital properties.

Sales and Account Management

A fully accountable virtual sales and account management team can establish an ideal customer journey.

Billing and Accounting

Our trusted accounting team can take care of crunching the numbers for you.

Content Creation and Editing

It may sound like a cliche but the content is indeed still the king in any business marketing.

Reports and Data Entry

A detail-oriented virtual assistant can save you so much time in completing routinary copy and paste tasks.