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Why hire our Filipino Virtual Assistants?

Virtual assistants are proven to be one of the most efficient and convenient business solutions these days. For the most part, international small business owners would look for Filipino virtual assistants primarily because of the following skills and traits that we all live by heart:

Sincerity & Respect

It is innate with Filipinos to value relationships in all aspects of life, family, friends, and even at work. Respect is part of our culture, from home, from school, and definitely at the workplace.


Apart from the technical skills and talents, we are very keen to work with our peers who have pure honesty and strong moral principles.


What benefits would you get from highly skilled members if hard work is not there? At all times we are committed to motivating each other to work with energy, diligence, and commitment.

English Proficiency

It is not our native language but English is our second language. We are ranked as 1 of the top Asian countries who can speak English proficiently and comfortably.

Who is Virtual Assistant Center Philippines?

Virtual Assistant Center Philippines is built to cater to two main target markets: our remote loyal clients, and our highly inspired students. It all started with an idea of just having side gigs while working as full-time employees and while taking care of a family-owned e-commerce business. We then realized our purpose of being blessed with the capabilities to effectively communicate.
Effective communication not only to the clients that we are working for but also to the people who are P-H-Ds: poor (doesn't necessarily mean cash-poor but those who are trying to attain better opportunities), hungry and driven. Our primary reason for building this team is definitely to serve our clients and keep a long-lasting business partnership with each of them. However, with our burning passion to also serve the poor, the hungry, and the driven ones, we all decided to pursue this. We've partnered with an educational government agency who can finance the training fees of those who have the thirst for learning.
Our core team has been in the Business Process Outsourcing industry for almost 2 decades now. We are talking about years of experience in call centers, digital marketing agencies, medical transcription firms, insurance companies, e-commerce businesses, architectural designs, real estate, printing, vacation rentals, and a lot more. We are confident that we have a lot to share with our peers and employees.