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Enhance Your Daily Workflow with Human Resources Virtual Assistants

As a business owner, you have multiple responsibilities to manage, and it can be challenging to give sufficient attention to strategic HR operations. To ensure a proper balance and streamline your business, it is advisable to consider hiring virtual assistants for your HR tasks. By delegating administrative and operational HR duties, you can focus more on overarching business strategies and growth opportunities that align with your role as a business owner.

  • Are you overwhelmed with the administrative tasks involved in recruitment, such as posting job openings, screening resumes, and coordinating interviews?
  • Is employee benefits administration becoming a complex and time-consuming task, from managing enrollment and claims to responding to employee inquiries?
  • Does payroll management consume a significant amount of your time, from processing payroll and preparing reports to managing time off requests and calculating bonuses?
  • Are you finding it challenging to address employee relations matters, such as responding to inquiries, investigating complaints, and coordinating performance evaluations?
  • Do you struggle with coordinating and organizing employee training and development initiatives, from scheduling sessions to preparing materials and evaluating effectiveness?
  • Are you concerned about HR compliance and the complexities of ensuring adherence to state and federal laws, conducting audits, and filing required reports and forms?

Unlock a seamless human resources experience with our virtual assistants. Experience the effortless management of HR tasks and focus on what truly matters in your business.

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Productivity can then be defined as having consistent focus on your most impactful tasks.

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Empowering your Focus and Freeing you from Distractions

Revolutionize your Human Resources with the Power of Virtual Assistants


Time is very limited to almost any HR professional and anyone. To fulfill the daily goals that can help you achieve your long-term goals for your business, hiring a virtual assistant through us has a lot of advantages, such as:


Training and Ideas

Training and Ideas

Our specialized HR virtual assistants are trained and equipped with industry-specific knowledge, ensuring a faster learning curve and the ability to provide valuable HR management tips and ideas.




By hiring our virtual assistants for HR, you can significantly reduce costs compared to hiring local staff, allowing you to optimize your budget without compromising quality.




We handle the entire hiring process, from job openings to candidate profiling, saving you valuable time and effort while ensuring you find the right fit for your HR needs.


Productivity Booster

Productivity Booster

With virtual assistants managing employee inquiries promptly, you can focus on strategic tasks, enabling your team to accomplish more and ensuring efficient communication within your organization.


Labour Cost-Effective

Labour Cost-Effective

Say goodbye to concerns about taxes and insurance for your virtual assistants. With our services, you only pay for the agreed hours of work, eliminating the overhead costs associated with full-time employees.


Time Flexibility

Time Flexibility

Experience the convenience of having virtual assistants available whenever you need them. Whether it’s during weekends, holidays, or outside regular working hours, our VAs are ready to provide assistance based on your specific needs and requirements.


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Risk Reduction

Avoid the risks associated with full-time hiring by expanding your team with virtual assistants, providing scalability for your growing business while minimizing uncertainty.


Essential Responsibilities Managed by a Human Resources Virtual Assistant

Human resources virtual assistants provide administrative support to HR departments while working remotely. A HR VA is equipped with the latest digital tools to perform HR-related tasks efficiently. Here are some of the responsibilities and tasks that our virtual assistants can help you with:


  • Posting job openings, screening resumes and applications, and coordinating interviews and hiring processes.
  • Managing new hire paperwork, coordinating background checks and drug tests, and scheduling orientation and training sessions.
  • Handling employee benefits enrollment and claims, addressing employee inquiries about benefits, and preparing benefit reports and conducting audits.
  • Processing payroll, preparing payroll reports, managing time off requests and approvals, and calculating and processing employee bonuses and commissions.
  • Addressing employee inquiries and concerns, investigating and resolving employee complaints, and coordinating performance evaluations and disciplinary actions.
  • Coordinating and scheduling employee training sessions, preparing and distributing training materials, and evaluating the effectiveness of training programs.
  • Ensuring compliance with state and federal laws, conducting regular audits of HR processes and procedures, and preparing and filing required HR reports and forms.


Our team of HR virtual assistants is highly skilled and knowledgeable in HR best practices. With years of experience in supporting HR departments, we aim to provide top-notch HR support and improve the HR processes of your company. Let us help you streamline your HR tasks and free up time for you to focus on higher-level HR strategies. If you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant for your HR department, let’s get started!

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A company was experiencing challenges in managing their HR processes, leading to a negative impact on their workforce. They needed a solution to improve their HR processes and ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations.


The company was faced with a number of difficulties that needed urgent attention, including a surge in business demands that put pressure on employees, high turnover rates that revealed underlying problems, HR’s difficulty addressing employee concerns, and poor communication that hampered productivity and collaboration. These elements produced a demanding workplace that required intervention for the success and sustainability of the company.

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Virtual Assistant Center (VAC) provides comprehensive virtual assistance services to human resources companies, including recruitment management, training and development, compensation and benefits management, and performance management. VAC’s team of skilled virtual assistants helps HR companies streamline their operations and increase productivity, while also providing exceptional support to their clients. With VAC’s assistance, HR companies can focus on their core business activities while VAC manages the administrative burden of HR processes. This support drives success in the highly competitive HR industry by improving efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring that employees receive the support they need to perform at their best.

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Reduced workload and stress for HR staff through delegation of administrative tasks to virtual assistants.


Streamlined operations and better management of employee data, inquiries, and transactions through virtual assistant services.


Improved hiring process through assistance in job posting, screening and candidate communication.


Increased productivity and cost-efficiency through outsourcing non-core HR activities such as data entry, payroll processing and compliance management to VAC.