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7 Reasons to Hire Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

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Hiring a virtual assistant in the Philippines has been a key to so many business owners these days. The most important benefit is the precious resource for time. Businesses owners, managers, directors, and leaders have to balance time and spend it doing things that bring value to life. Filipino virtual assistants can let business owners focus on the strategic roles for business growth.

But why hire from the Philippines? Here are the top 7 reasons to hire virtual assistants in the Philippines:

  1. English as our second language: English is highly valued for bigger chances of career growth. The United States of America colonized the Philippines, hence, today’s language of commerce and law is English. Filipino virtual assistants are comfortable comprehending and communicating in English, therefore, the language barrier should be the least of concern. Should there be a need for writing skills, there are so many tools that could help such as Grammarly.
  2. The Philippines as an outsourcing destination: Today, the country has become more than just a tourist spot for many foreign visitors. It is now the poster child for outsourcing success stories. Apart from the highly-skilled workforce, English proficiency, and affinity to Western culture, virtual assistants from the Philippines save many companies in whopping labor costs.
  3. Filipinos are some of the most hard-working people around the globe: Filipinos are well-known to be hard-working, with the ability to work well with others, whatever the race, ethnicity, or gender orientation. As Filipino virtual assistants, we are known for our hard work and dedication.
  4. Low-cost of living in the Philippines: The Philippines is a developing country, hence, the cost of living is not too high. For an average and simple lifestyle, one can live by with $600 or so, and for a small family, $1,500 should be sufficient. No wonder, why hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines can be more cost-effective than other countries.
  5. Adaptable and flexible in different time zones: Filipinos are naturally adaptable. We can easily adjust to changing work schedules. Regardless of the client’s time zone, virtual assistants from the Philippines are flexible to adapt and manage to work effectively. 
  6.  The Philippines has a 96.62% literacy rate: In 2019, the UN ranks Filipinos as the most literate in Southeast Asia. There is no doubt any virtual assistants from the Philippines can grasp even the most tedious process in place.
  7. Filipino work ethic in this modern world: Filipinos are known globally for their values in diligence and hard work, compassion, loyalty, and integrity. Most virtual assistants from the Philippines can establish strong and lasting work relationships with their clients because of being trustworthy.

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