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Virtual Assistant from Philippines Can Serve Various Industries

These are just a few of the industries we can serve, but we are not limiting our services to just any of these:



1. Project Manager for SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Web Development.
2. Keeping up on clerical maintenance to major projects when clients reached the maximum capacity with work.
3. Streamlining processes and workflow.
4. Marketing and public relations.
5. Lead generation.
6. Scheduling with potential leads by appointment setting.
7. Local citations and blog posting.


Virtual Assistants for VACATION RENTAL OWNERS:

1. Marketing on search engines and social media.
2. Advertising on Craigslist.
3. Establishing a presence on VR sites such as HomeAway, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Booking.com, etc.
4. Reputation Marketing.
5. Email Marketing.
6. Re-engagement marketing automation.
7. Facebook Group Management.
8. Digital Content Planning.
9. Website Management.
10. Responding to leads inquiries.

Virtual Assistants for Car Dealers

Virtual Assistants for CAR DEALERSHIPS:

1. Digital marketing on search engines and social media.
2. Sales appointment setting.
3. Establishing a presence by participating in online community websites.
4. Reputation Marketing.
5. Email Marketing.
6. Re-engagement marketing automation.
7. Digital Content Planning.
8. Website Management.


Virtual Assistants for DROPSHIPPERS:

1. Researching for products to sell.
2. Researching for suppliers and reaching out to them.
3. Organizing information to list products.
4. Product listing and product content creation.
5. Product marketing.
6. Order sending to suppliers.
7. Tracking orders to update customers.
8. Customer Service.


Virtual Assistants for LAW FIRMS:

1. Bookkeeping such as client invoicing, bills payments, bank reconciliations, tracking payables and receivables, and bills reminder.
2. Answering and screening incoming calls.
3. Social Media Marketing.
4. Email Management.
5. Calendar Management.
6. Transcribing client documents.
7. Booking for travel.


Virtual Assistants for ACCOUNTING FIRMS:

1. Bills payment scheduling.
2. Bank and credit card statement management.
3. Invoicing.
4. Payment reminders with customers.
5. Financial data maintenance.


Virtual Assistants for REAL ESTATE AGENCIES or BROKERS:

1. Prospecting.
2. Data Entry of leads and their journey.
3. Sales and Rental Agreements drafting.
4. Research on valuations.
5. Email Marketing.
6. Managing and creating spreadsheets.
7. Warm leads email follow-ups.
8. Bookkeeping.
9. Marketing on search engines and social media.
10. Setting up and managing database.


Virtual Assistants for ARCHITECTURAL FIRMS:

1. Architectural planning.
2. Computer drafting.
3. Proposal preparation.
4. Project manual creations.
5. Business form creations.
6. Transcribing meeting minutes, project notes, and punch lists.
7. Researching for architectural products, new projects and building techniques.

Again, those are just some of those industries that we can serve. We highly depend on your requirements and needs. We all have our maximum capacity with work, therefore, do what you do best, and allow us to do the rest.